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La semaine du VIP

par Jeudi 23 Avril 19:08
Bonjour à tous,

Ce week end se déroule le tournoi VIP en mode scellé, c'est l'occasion d'agrandir votre collection de cartes AA.

Retrouvez aussi les decklist invaincues du tournoi VIP du mois de mars.

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HX5U1IV2Samedi 22 Août 18:57
Diane Lefer, prolific wretir, left this on our Facebook page:We had left NYC and moved to Cleveland and I was 7 years old and wanted to be a witch. As I went around the house shrieking eye of newt and toe of frog grownups kept commenting with sympathy. What a shame I'd never been to free Shakespeare in the Park and now I was hundreds of miles away. Then, a theatre company right there in Cleveland mounted a production of the Scottish play. In my best clothes, I walked into the theatre with my father and was amazed. The three witches weren't performed by actors. Instead, strange wavering lights moved up and down in the space while the weird voices seemed to come from nowhere. That was real witchery. That was magic. (Of course today, I'd suspect cost-cutting. Three actors could have used the work!)